Facebook Messenger Rooms Live, Now Video Calling With 50 People

Facebook Messenger Rooms Live, Now Video Calling With 50 People


  • 50 people can video call together
  • Facebook account not necessary for video call

Facebook has made the Messenger Rooms feature live. Now anyone can do video conferencing with up to 50 people simultaneously from Facebook Messenger, although Facebook launched this feature in Messenger last month but now it has been made available to all. The special thing is that anyone can join Messenger Room video calling only through an invite link, even if they do not use Facebook.

Features like zoom are also provided in the messenger room. Fire reality (AR) effects will also be found in the Facebook Messenger room. Apart from this, the creator will have the option of whom he wants to show and join the room. After this, he will be able to remove from any room at any time.

How to create room in Messenger?

Now, if you talk about making a room, the way you create a group on Facebook Messenger, you will be able to create a room as well. If you want to make video calling with people by creating a room in Facebook Messenger, first download the Facebook Messenger app on your phone. After that go to chatting. After login, you will see the option of people at the bottom, on clicking, you will see Create a Room at the top, by clicking on which you can create a room.

What is the shortcut of room to be found in WhatsApp web?

Facebook is preparing its room feature to give room to shortcut button in WhatsApp desktop, after which after a click in WhatsApp web users will be able to reach the messenger room and from there will be able to make video calling, although this feature is currently being tested is. Let us know that Facebook has recently increased the limit of video calling to eight in WhatsApp, after which eight people can simultaneously do video conferencing on WhatsApp.

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