Facebook buys Giphy for $ 400 million, will get support in Instagram

Facebook buys Giphy for $ 400 million, will get support in Instagram

Facebook Giphy
Facebook Giphy
  • Facebook bought Giphy
  • $ 400 million deal
  • Support will be available in all apps of Facebook

The world’s largest social media company Facebook has bought the world’s largest animated photo (GIFs) website, Giphy. Jiffy is a big name in the world of creating GIFs files. Facebook has done this deal to support GIFs in its photo-sharing app Instagram. Facebook has given the details of the deal in one of its blog posts.

Facebook has not given any information about the price of this deal, but according to the news website Axios, the deal has been done for $ 400 million i.e. about Rs 3,035 crore. Explain that in the year 2015, this same Giphy had talked about a partnership with Facebook and said that it should support Giphy on its platform, but Facebook rejected the offer during that time.

Following the deal, Giphy will become part of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram. Its GIF library will be integrated into Facebook’s other apps besides Instagram. After this, people will get the opportunity to upload GIFs on all platforms of Facebook.

Currently, to share JIF on Facebook’s platform, it has to be downloaded separately. Let us know that earlier in the year 2018, there was a deal regarding GIF company. Google had purchased the GIF platform Tenor and gave its support in its search.

Actually privacy has become a big issue at this time. On this bargain, a Facebook spokesperson said that privacy is not a problem with GIFs, as its mechanism is not to track cookies, etc. In such a situation, there is no problem with data collection.

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