Hackers’ get Jackpot in the guise of Corona, more than four lakh cyberattacks in two weeks

Hackers’ get Jackpot in the guise of Corona, more than four lakh cyberattacks in two weeks

hackers,cyber attack,ransom
hackers,cyber attack,ransom


  • Over 4 lakh cyber attacks occurred in the last two weeks
  • 20,000 fake domain registers of coronavirus
  • US Department of Justice said companies should be prepared for cyberattacks

While on the one hand, the whole world is working together to eliminate the coronavirus from the root, on the other hand, the hackers are cyberattacks under the guise of this virus. Recently, a report from the Check Point Research Company has come out, which claims that there have been more than four lakh cyberattacks in the last two weeks. According to the report, hackers have duped people by resorting to the names of institutions like WHO, United Nations, Microsoft Team, and Google.

Register so many domains in two weeks
According to Check Point report, in the last two weeks, not only India but around 20,000 domains related to the virus have been registered all over the world. Of these, about 2 percent of the domains are infected with viruses, while 15 percent of the domains are suspicious. Let us tell you that most domains registered under the name Corona Cure. Apart from this, domains named Corona Post, Corona Relief Fund, and Corona Crisis have been seen.

US Department of Justice warns companies
The US Department of Justice says that all companies need to be prepared for a cyber attack and caution is also important. However, the department has not yet shared information about the cyberattack on any company. But the US Department of Justice has asked companies working on treatment and testing for the coronavirus to be vigilant.

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