Nokia set a unique world record for the world’s fastest speed 5G

Nokia, 5G, Nokia 5G
Nokia, 5G, Nokia 5G

Finland tech company Nokia has set a new world record. The company claims that it has got the world’s fastest 5G speed over-the-air network on smartphones. The company got the fastest 5G connection speed in Dallas, Texas, and broke all previous records. Nokia said the company is testing 5G software speed with the help of commercial 5G software and hardware and it can reach speeds of up to 4.7 Gbps.

For this speed test the company enlisted the help of 800MHz Commercial Millimeter Wave 5G Spectrum and Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) functionality. With the help of EN-DC, the device can be continuously connected to 5G and LTE networks, allowing the air-interface to transmit and receive both technical data. This means that the device can give users better end results when connecting to 5G or LTE.

In November last year, Huawei claimed to have set a new world record for 5G speeds. Huawei got a top speed of 2.96GBS during the speed test. 5G speed tests have been done by many telecom companies but Nokia’s top speed is higher than the rest. The company said Nokia’s AirScale radio access leads the industry and commercial end-to-end 5G solutions, allowing operators to use 5G spectrum assets globally.

One thing that is clear from the new record is that with the help of 5G, the top speed is not getting devices yet and its capacity is much higher. Very soon, in other countries as well, by improving the 5G spectrum and related hardware, a great experience can be given to the users. Reports say the 5G network could be 10 times faster than the previous 4G. This way, users can also be given top speeds of up to 10GBS with the help of a 5G connection.

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