Sneezing on mobile will test the corona in 1 minute

Sneezing on mobile test, corona
Sneezing on mobile test, corona

A US research team has claimed that technology is coming soon that will tell if someone is infected with the coronavirus just by sneezing or coughing on a smartphone. The team is developing a sensor that can be connected to a phone.

The sensor was started to be made about 1 year ago

The research team says that by connecting the sensor to the smartphone, it will be known in a minute whether the person who sneezes or coughs on the smartphone is infected. Professor Masood Tabib-Azhar, the head of the team that developed the sensor, says the sensor was started about a year ago. He said his goal was to detect the Zika virus. The prototype of the device is 1 inch wide. It can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The user has to turn on the app by inserting a sensor in the charging port of the phone before inserting the microscopic particle of his sliver. The result will appear on the screen of the mobile in a minute

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