Facebook has added a feature called ‘Lock Profile’, no user other than friends can share and download profile photos

facebook lock profile
facebook lock profile
  • If this feature is on then no user other than friends can zoom and share profile photo
  • Users will be able to use the feature from next week
  • This new feature can be used by going to profile settings

Facebook has launched a new feature ‘Lock Profile’ in India with safety in mind. This feature is specially developed for the protection of women. This feature allows the user to lock his profile and the details including his profile photo cannot be downloaded by users other than the user’s friends.

This feature enhances user privacy and security. If this feature is on, no user other than Friends can zoom in, share, or download the full-size cover photo and profile photo. However, users will be able to use this feature from next week.

The feature was launched with the safety of women in mind

According to Roxena Irani, Facebook’s product manager, the feature was launched after successful testing. Women in India feel insecure when their profile photo is shared and downloaded. So this feature has been launched keeping in mind their safety.

How to use the feature?

First click on your profile on Facebook.
Tap on the 3 dot next to your name.
Go to profile settings and click on lock profile.
Then confirm this feature.
This feature was earlier launched as Picture Guard for testing.

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