Realme’s new record, sold more than 1 million wireless earphones

Two audio products were launched by Realme in 2019 and the company has created a new record of their sale. It has been shared by Reality that the audio products of Globally Reality have sold strong and over 1 million Reality Buds and Reality Buds Air have been sold so far. The company will also have a big launch on 25 May.

Tech company Realme has changed its identity from the smartphone brand in the last two years and today ranks among the world’s largest tech companies. After making a place in the market as the fastest growing smartphone brand, Realme has now made another record. The company has sold over 1 million wireless earphones worldwide. This includes Realme’s Bud Air and Buds Wireless units.

The company is also going to launch two new audio products on 25 May. On this day, new smartphones and the first smart TV can be launched by Realme. Apart from this, a Realme Watch has also appeared in the leaks. In the year 2020, Reality wants to grow from a smartphone brand to become a lifestyle brand and it has been teased for quite some time. The company intends to offer all three tech experience users personal, home, and travel.

Realme buds air
Wireless Buds Air was announced by Realme in December last year and the company brought the Truly Wireless Earphones to a lower price. Despite being finally launched in 2019, Reality Buds Air 2019 was India’s second best-selling Truly Wireless earphones. At the same time, Apple’s popular AirPods took the first position. It is currently priced at Rs 3,999 in India.

Realme Wireless Buds
In addition to the Truly Wireless earphones, the company has also launched a Buds wireless headset, with a cord between the two earbuds. This headset was launched by the company with the Realme XT smartphone. This wireless device, which provides up to 12 hours of battery backup on a single charge, has an 11.2mm bass boost drive in both earbuds. It can be purchased for Rs 1,799.

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