SBI gives warning to account holders, ‘banking virus’ arrived

sbi, banking virus
sbi, banking virus

Cases of online fraud are increasing. In such a situation, the State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a warning to its customers. In a tweet, the bank has mentioned a way to defraud people. The bank told how people can fall prey to a new type of virus, and knowing that there is no alert and they make a mistake.

An advisory has been shared by the State Bank of India (SBI) for the customers and they have been alerted to the dangerous banking virus. Account-holders are being targeted with the help of dangerous malware named Cerberus. This malware fake sends SMS to users informing them about big offers and makes them a victim after clicking on unknown links or downloading apps. The purpose of such apps is to clear the hands of the account holders.

In a tweet on the official handle of SBI on Twitter, it says, ‘Avoid fake SMS that gives information about big offers or related to the current pandemic and asks you to visit unknown links or download any apps from unknown sources. Huh. This is an attempt to harm you. ‘ In the post, the country’s largest public sector bank has also shared an image, in which the caption ‘Cerberus Alert’ has been given. It looks inspired by the recently released web series Hades.

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