iOS 14: Apple has not released but hackers have been using for several months

  • iOS was leaked on September 14 itself
  • Hackers are used before release
  • iPhone 11 with iOS 14 sold in China

Apple’s new operating system for iPhone iOS 14 is not officially released yet, but hackers have been using the OS since February 2020. According to the information given in the motherboard report, apart from hackers, security researchers and bloggers are also using iOS 14.

The report says that the entire version of iOS 14 has been leaked. This leak happened around September last year, while the surprising thing is that Apple has not even released the beta version of iOS 14 yet.

It is being claimed that the iOS 14 version has been leaked from an iPhone 11 in which it was testing. It is being said that the iOS 14 version iPhone was sold to a Chinese vendor at a large price. There is also a claim that hackers are selling this version of iOS to Security. Also read: Data of 2.9 crore Indians searching for job leaked on dark web

Although the final version of iOS 14 will be quite different, the leaking of the version is a big thing for Apple. This is the first time any Apple operating system has leaked before its release.

Let us know that the sale of Apple’s new iPhone SE 2020 has started in India. The iPhone SE 2020 is the company’s cheapest iPhone with the latest processor. It has a 4.7-inch display. Apart from this, dual SIM support and a single rear camera have been given in it. The initial price of the phone is Rs 41,500.

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