N-95 mask is better to avoid infection but also its dangers, be careful

Face masks have become part of our lives in this era of the corona epidemic. It is difficult to control completely until a certain medicine or vaccine is introduced. In such a situation, wearing a face mask, maintaining hygiene, social distancing habits will have to be continued. The N-95 has also been reported to be superior ineffective face masks to avoid corona. However, homemade masks are also very useful and effective. Health experts are advising the wearer of N-95 masks to take certain precautions.

According to health experts, fast walking, running, or exercising with an N-95 mask can prove dangerous. Doctors say that more oxygen is needed while running or exercising. The Ministry of Health has also advised the common people to wear a simple cloth mask at home.

Expert Dr. Praveen Sinha explains that the N-95 is a multilayer mask and is completely affixed to the face, so wearing it causes little breathing problems. The air in the N-95 mask is filtered, but the pressure is low.

During running and exercising, the speed of breath increases, and the lungs need more oxygen. In this case, exercising wearing an N-95 mask can be difficult. However, health workers have been advised to wear such masks.

Experts say that people should exercise according to the capacity of the body. Exercise can also be done in an open space without a mask. Provided that it is necessary to maintain social distancing. It should also be noted that there is no sneezing or coughing in the armpits as the corona can be spread from the droplets if the corona is infected.

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