Space X will send astronauts to space for the first time, President Trump will be present during launch

At the beginning of Space X, many people were skeptical about the success of this company. But Elon Musk’s Space X lived up to expectations and it will create history as soon as two NASA astronauts reach space on Wednesday. This will be the first crew flight from US land in nine years.

US President Donald Trump will also be present at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida along with other visitors to witness this historic watch. The center has given the flight a green signal after months of lockdown due to coronavirus.

Due to virus restrictions, common people have been asked to watch this launch via live stream. Let me tell you, the Crew Dragon will be launched by Falcon 9 rocket towards the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA’s commercial crew program was launched with the aim of developing a private spacecraft to transport American astronauts into space. The program was started during the tenure of former President Barack Obama.

However, Donald Trump sees this as a symbol of his strategy for America’s domination in space. Then they want to build a space army or strengthen the general army. He has ordered NASA to reach the moon again by 2024. Which is an impossible timetable, but which has given the space agency a boost?

In the 22 years since the first components of the ISS were launched, the spacecraft has been developed by NASA and the Russian Space Agency has been sending the crew there. NASA has sent dozens of astronauts to space over the last three decades with the help of the Alastrius shuttle program.

But so far it has cost $ 200 billion for 135 flights. Apart from this, it was banned after two accidents. The last time the Atlantis shuttle landed was on July 21, 2011.

Subsequently, NASA astronauts learned the Russian language and traveled to the ISS in a Russian Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan. It is a partnership between the US and Russia that has been spared political tension between the two countries.

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