30% jump in India’s cellular traffic in lockdown: report

Lockdown continues due to Covid-19 in India. In the period of lockdown, India’s cellular traffic has increased by 13 to 30 percent. Because of this, India has become the largest data consuming country in the world. Radhey Shyam Sharda, CTO of Huawei Telecom India, said that by the end of March, daily data consumption in India increased to 307 petabytes.

According to the Indian Express report, Sharda said that telecom infrastructure has become more critical and more important in India than before. He further said that investment in network infrastructure technology in India is closing. Sharda pointed out that multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) technology is three to five times faster than the old base station and cloud air. Sharda acknowledged that the Indian telecom industry was going through a crisis. But if we talk about network traffic, then continuous improvement is being seen.

On the question of India’s 5G network, Sharda said that work is being done towards Indian 5G streak auction and spectrum auction. Sharda quoted several reports saying that it is expected that 5G spectrum will not be auctioned in India this year. However, the reason for the spectrum auction is not yet clear. In contrast, 5G smartphones already exist in India. But the work of 5G networking technology is yet to be done. 5G technology is working at a slow pace worldwide. At the same time, due to Kovid-19, 5G spectrum auction is expected to be delayed more than before. Emmanuel Kolho Alves, Senior Marketing Director, Huawei Technologies, said, “Today the telecom industry is doing daily deals so that it can adapt to scale and guarantee the network.

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