Facebook launches short video app Collab in Tiktok’s competition

  • Features like Tiktok will be available in Collab
  • Three people can make a video together
  • App is currently available only for iOS users

Facebook has focused its attention on new products in the last few days. Recently Facebook has introduced video calling app catchup (CatchUp). Facebook had been eyeing the short video app Ticketcock for a long time. Facebook has launched its short video app Collab (Collab) in Ticktock’s collision, although the app is currently available in the US and Canada only through Invite for iOS users.

Talking about the features of Collab, you can make short videos through this app. You can also add music in the video. You can make a video in three parts on a song. You can invite two of your friends for the other two parts.

All the features close to the collab are similar to TikTok. Another user will also be able to create their own video using a video you have posted. For example, you can sing a song in a video, a friend can play a guitar and a third friend can give music. The collab app is derived from collaboration which means collaboration/partnership.

Users can also share videos created on Kolab on social media, although they have to be shared on the collab before sharing videos on other platforms like Instagram and TickTalk. Apart from this, the app also does not have the feature of save to camera roll which means that you cannot save the video in the phone.

This is not the first time Facebook has introduced an app in Ticktock’s collision. Earlier last year, Facebook launched the short video app Lasso, although this app could not come out of the US. Talking about the features of the Lasso app, a large library for music will be found in it. Apart from this, in addition to video editing tools in the camera, many effects will be found.

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