Tiktok’s collision launches Swedeshi app Mitron, 50 lakh people downloaded

  • The interface of the Mitron app is the same as TicTalk.
  • Mitron app lacks features
  • 4.7 rating on Play Store

There is no need for any evidence regarding the popularity of Tiktok in India. You can guess the popularity of TikTok in India by the fact that many people have even committed suicide by refusing to use the Tiktok app, but now voices are being raised against Tiktok in India. Tittock’s rating on Google Play-Store has increased to 1.6 from earlier 4.5.

The indigenous app Mitron has now been launched to compete Tiktok and the special thing is that a large number of people are also downloading it. So far more than 50 lakh people have downloaded this app. According to the report, the Friends app has been prepared by Shivank Aggarwal, a student of IIT, Roorkee.

At first glance, friends app will look like TickTock to you. In other words, we can say that friends are clones of the TikTok app. Friends app has made it to the top-10 list in the Top Free Chart on the Google Play Store, although in this app you will not get all the features of TikTok. This app has got ratings of 4.7 on Play-Store. There are many bugs in this app, but due to being indigenous, users are supporting it. The size of this app is 8.03 MB and was uploaded on the play-store on 11 April 2020. This app is currently available only for Android users.

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