100 million smartphone users in danger, Chinese app is playing

The security of data of smartphone users is in danger. Researchers have reported that dangerous viruses are being transmitted to Android smartphones through a Chinese app. This virus is spyware that steals sensitive data present in the phone.

A major case of hacking has been reported. In this, the security of data of millions of Android smartphone users around the world has been endangered. This time hackers are using spyware (spyware virus) to hunt Android users. The Chinese app developer is said to be involved in this hacking. The cybersecurity research team has claimed that this app is spyware and claimed that 100 million Android users have been affected by this virus.

Dangerous remote access trojan in App
The research team of VPNPro said that the developer of this Chinese app requests’ dangerous permissions’ in users’ devices. Not only this, the team of VPN Pro also said that a dangerous remote access trojan is also hidden in an app of this Chinese developer.

This developer had made VivaVideo App
These virus apps were present on the Google Play Store and have been developed by the Chinese developer and other small developers associated with it. The name of China’s app developer QuVideo Inc is coming in this hacking game. This is the same developer who created the popular video editing app VivaVideo. Due to being free, this app became quite popular and in a short time its download figure on the Play Store reached 10 million.

Indian government had banned
VivaVideo is one of those dangerous Chinese apps that was banned by the Indian government in 2017 as spyware. QuVideo’s developed apps are also available on Apple iOS. However, the second app permissions policy is followed on iOS. This is why such hacking attacks do not occur on iOS. In such a situation, the researchers have asked the users to be careful with such hacking and keep an eye on the permissions given to any app.

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