Google warns 1,755 users of government-backed cyber attacks, 100 users in India were targeted

In April, Google sent a warning of 1,755 government-backed cyberattacks to its users worldwide. In this, about 100 warnings were also sent to users of India. Google said it sent 1,755 warnings of government-backed cyberattacks to users last month. Of these, 51 to 100 users of India were also sent information about such a cyberattack last month.

The company said that the government-backed cyber attackers carried out their attacks for different targets. In some cases, the attacker’s goal was to gather intelligence or steal intellectual property rights. At the same time, some attacks were aimed at opponents or activists. While some attacks were aimed at the misinformation campaign.

Global technology company Google said in a blog post that its ‘Threat Analysis Group’ (TAG) monitored more than 270 government-backed cyber attackers in more than 50 countries. However, Google did not clarify which countries the government targeted these users. This year has seen a decrease in government-backed cyber-attacks compared to last year. Last year, Google said that 500 people in India had a government-backed cyber attack. Google had said that in addition to India, more than 12 thousand such cyber attacks occurred in 149 countries.

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