Many questions arise on the Mitro app, avoid downloading at the moment

Mitron App Developer’s website is and if you open that website, it used to take you to friends’ Google Play page until a while back, but at the time of writing the news, it was showing only a blank page.

Mitro, more than 50 lakh people have downloaded this TikTok clone app so far. Allegedly this app is Made-in-India, but there is a story behind it as well. Recently it has been revealed that this app is actually a rebranded version of Pakistan’s TicTic app, whose source code has been purchased for around Rs 2,500. The Friends app is being promoted as an Indian app, due to which it has been downloaded more than 50 lakh times in a very short time. While its popularity is growing rapidly, the question also arises whether the Mitron app is safe to use? Should you download this app or refrain from downloading it by citing security?

Mitron gives you the option to upload short videos, just like TikTok, but unlike the Chinese app, the Friends app does not include a privacy policy. The privacy policy shows how the app can use your data and the policy should also contain information about the important terms and conditions of using the app. However, looking at the Friends app, it seems that this policy does not matter at all to the developers. If you go to the Google Play page of Mitron and click on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom, it will take you to a site called, which is a blank page.

We investigated this domain name and found that the domain is registered through GoDaddy and its address is from Uttarakhand, India. Mitron was allegedly developed by an IIT-Roorkee student, so Uttarakhand’s address is connected to this link somewhere. However, this link appears slightly weaker.

Come back to application permissions. Friends asks a lot of permission on your Android phone. Checking once again on Google Play tells us that Mitron asks you for your photos, internal storage, camera, microphone, flashlight permission, and even prevents your device from going to sleep. Now we know that this is most needed for a video sharing app, but if the app does not have a privacy policy and the developer is an unknown entity, how do you know that your data is not sold to suspicious advertising companies? Used to be?

The developer’s website is and if you open that website, it used to take you to a friends’ Google Play page until a while ago, but at the time of writing the news, it was only showing a blank page. This app, which has been downloaded more than 50 lakh times, has no website nor any privacy policy. Would you believe it The developers of Mitron might not expect this app to be so viral, but still allow an unknown person or entity to access their personal information, private videos, stored photos, by putting their privacy claim is not less?

Mitron undoubtedly needs to fix its privacy issues soon, but until then, we will not recommend you to use this app.

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