Central government bans file-sharing site WeTransfer

The Telecommunication Department of the Government of India has banned the popular file-sharing website WeTransfer. This information has come from the Mumbai Mirror report. According to the report, the reason for the closure of WeTransfer has been attributed to the public interest and national security. Also, the government believes that this step has been taken for the benefit of the country.

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According to the Mumbai Mirror report, the telecom department had issued a notice to all Internet service provider companies across the country on May 18, ordering the ban on WeTransfer. However, Vetransfer’s site is still opening easily on Airtel’s network.

What is WeTransfer
WeTransfer is a messenger service, through which users can easily send files up to 2 GB to anyone. At the same time, the use of WeTransfer during lockdown has increased rapidly.

This is how WeTransfer works
To send a file, users have to first login to the site. After this, the sending file has to be attached. After attaching, the e-mail of the user to whom the file has to be sent has to be entered. After doing this, the file is easily transferred.

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