Google favoring Google for removing Remove China Apps from play-store, sparked debate on social media

In the last few days, opposition to Chinese products in India has intensified. After the battle of Youtube and TickTock, users gave TietTalk a negative review on the Google Play-Store, after which its rating was reduced to 1.2, after which Google deleted millions of reviews, which resulted in TikTok’s rating again being 4.4.

Amidst the protests against Tiktok, the app named Mitra came to the market which was promoted in the name of Swadeshi, and 50 lakh people downloaded the Mitro app. After that, Google removed the Friends app from the Play Store for violating the content policy and copying content.

It was not even a controversy yet that in the meantime one came up with the name Remove China Apps which is able to delete all the Chinese apps in your phone at once. This app also went viral, but in the meantime, Google also removed this app from the Play Store.

After these three big decisions of Google, people have got angry on social media. Social media users have accused Google of favoring China. Users have even said that in addition to the World Health Organization, China is also controlling Google.

Twitter users are constantly tweeting with the #GooglePlayStore hashtag, leading to the #GooglePlayStore top trend. People have also suggested using DuckDuck Go instead of Google Chrome.

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