Google fined five billion dollars, accused of monitoring users through Chrome

Google has been fined once again. This fine has been imposed on Google for illegally monitoring users in private mode in the Chrome browser. It is generally believed that searching in private mode of any web browser does not create a search history and you are not tracked, but this is not the case with Google Chrome, even though Google is heavily fined. But the company denies the charge and says that it is very honest about collecting data from private mode.

The lawsuit was filed by Google at law firm Boies Schiller Flexner in San Jose, California. The complaint claimed that the proposed class action involved millions of users of Google, who used the Internet in private mode till June 1, 2016. The complaint said that Google does not have the right to save the data of all American users.

Generally, the search history of users is not saved in the private mode ie incognito mode of Google Chrome browser, but if Google wants it can track users through Google Analytics. On the other hand, Google spokesman Jose Castaneda denied the claims, saying that even in incognito mode some websites can track the activity of users and save data.

Please tell that even before this, Google has been accused of collecting users’ data many times. Only last year, Google was accused of misusing its authority to promote its product, after which Google was fined heavily.

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