Google will contribute $ 37 million in the fight against racism

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in an announcement that the Internet company will contribute $ 37 million to the fight against racism. Significantly, demonstrations are continuing across the US over the death of African-American George Floyd in custody, in the backdrop of which Pichai has announced.

In an email sent to all employees on Wednesday, the Indian-American CEOs of Google and Alphabet requested everyone to observe eight minutes of 46 seconds of silence and show solidarity in memory and honor of the slain black people.
Pichai said in reference to this silence, ‘This is a symbolic performance and George Floyd had been longing to breathe for so long before dying. It will remind us of the injustice done to Floyd and others.

In terms of how the $ 37 million will be given, Pichai, 47, said that $ 1.2 million will be given as aid to organizations fighting against racism, while $ 25 million will be in the form of advertising grants so that against racism To help the fighting institutions and get important information.

Pichai said, ‘Our first grant will go to the amount of 1 million dollars to our old partners Center for Policing Equity and Equal Justice Initiative. We will provide technical support with the help of our ORG fellows program. This is due to the contribution of $ 32 million given by us in the fight against racism in the last five years.

The CEO wrote in the mail, ‘The black people of our society are in trouble and many of us are finding ways to stand with them based on their feelings and to show solidarity with those we love. Huh.’

He wrote, ‘Yesterday, I spoke to a group of our black leaders, wanted to know what would be the path from here and how Google can help in this. We discussed many ideas and we are figuring out where to bring our energy from in the coming weeks and months and in the future.

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