Recognize the memory card in your smartphone is real or fake

Nowadays, all the smartphone manufacturer companies provide up to 256 GB of storage in their devices, but despite this, many users find this storage less. For this, they resort to memory or SD card. But many times it happens that users accidentally buy a fake memory card, which is completely ruined once it is formatted. In such a situation, the question now arises how to identify fake memory cards. So let us show you how to identify memory card today.

A separate memory card or SD card is required for tablets, smartphones, cameras and other mobile devices. It is also possible that you have an old memory card. Whether the SSD or Secure Digital Card is real or whether the storage given in it is in reality or not. It is now very easy to find all these things.

First of all, download the app named SD Insight from Google Play Store on your smartphone. With its help you can know about the real card immediately. Download and open the app once and then insert the memory card into the phone.

After that, the name of the company making the card on your screen, storage capacity in the card and when the card has been created, the information will come. Information in the packaging should also be accordingly. If you get a message on the screen that “SD card is invalid”, there is something wrong with the card.

You can format the card once and check it again. If the message “Origin is unknown” appears on the screen, then this card may belong to a company whose app is not aware of the card. Let us know that after formatting many times the memory card storage is reduced. It is possible that the memory card is fake.

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