An interesting reason why there is a red light on a mobile tower

We all use mobile. We need a tower to use the internet in mobile. If you have ever seen a mobile tower carefully, it has a red light. Do you know why the lights are on?

In earlier days when helicopters were flying, they were crashing with mobile towers. These accidents were very common during cold weather. The cold makes the atmosphere foggy and everything looks blurry. To solve this problem, it was beneficial to have a red light near the tower of the mobile so that whenever there was a helicopter and they approached it, they would see the light and turn their helicopter to the other side.

Why use only red?

The main reason for using red light is that it has the longest length. Red color can be seen very well from a distance.

Many times we have seen that any sign of danger is shown in red. You may also have noticed that mobile towers are always bright and red.

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