Follow these methods to keep data safe during work from home

Cases of data hacking during lockdown have increased rapidly. Hackers are mostly targeting users who are currently doing office work from their home. Now the question arises as to how to keep your data safe during work from home. So today we will tell you some special ways through which you can keep your personal data safe.

Don’t use weak passwords
If you want to protect your data from hackers, don’t use weak passwords. Also keep changing your password from time to time. In addition, there are many tools through which you can keep your computer completely safe. Also with these tools you can find out who has tampered with your password.

Avoid fake emails and messages
Hackers these days are resorting to fake e-mails and messages to deceive people. If you have e-mails or messages related to PPE, Mask and PM Care Fund, don’t forget to trust them. Also, do not open the link given in such an e-mail or message.

Protect the web browser
You can use software like ad-blockers to keep your web browser safe. This will allow you to block unwanted ads. Also, make maximum use of the website with Https.

Periodically update the operating system
Periodically update the operating system of your laptop or computer to avoid cybe attack. In these new updates, you will find the latest security features that will allow you to keep your data safe.

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