New features added in Google Maps, users will get information about the ban on infection

Veteran search company Google has released new features for Google Maps keeping in mind the increasing impact of Corona infection. Through these features, users will be able to find out which place is banned due to infection.

Along with these features, users will also be able to know how crowded at which station and which train or bus is running late. At the same time, the company says that users will be able to maintain social distancing with the help of these features.

According to the information provided in the company’s blog post, these transit alert features of Google Maps will soon be launched in other countries including Argentina, France, India, USA, UK. Apart from this, many other features have also been added to Google Maps, which provide users with information on Kovid-19 checkpoints.

Currently, these features are active in Canada, Mexico, and the US. Recently, Google analyzed the location data of users from 131 countries. The company tried to find out whether people were following social distancing and all guidelines during the lockdown. Let me tell you that the company invested billions of dollars in the search advertising business.

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