Facebook is bringing big update, wikipedia link will be found in search result

Facebook is preparing to support Wikipedia on its platform. Usually, when we do some search on Facebook, we get results like friends, profiles, posts, videos, but soon a link to the Wikipedia page will also be found. After searching for a person, film or TV show on Facebook after the new update, Google’s results will get the result of Wikipedia.

Facebook has also confirmed about this new update. The name of this feature will be “pilot program” which will be available for desktop, mobile web, and IOS i.e. you will not find this feature in the mobile app.

How will Facebook’s pilot program work? First of all, let us tell you that Facebook is not going to issue a separate search bar for a new search. You must search in the current search bar. For example, if you search about Narendra Modi, a knowledge box will open in front of you, which will have a link to Wikipedia. This will be the same as searching on Google.

Facebook Knowledge Box also has some limitations
Facebook may be testing the search bar but it also has some limitations. For example, the knowledge box of Facebook will give information about big personalities but will not be able to give information about many films and shows. The thing to think about is that Facebook’s Knowledge Box is not giving any information about the Oscar-winning Joker.

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