Google deleted 38 apps from the Play Store, showing frivolous advertisements to users

Google has once again removed 38 apps from the Play Store by taking big action. Google has taken this decision after the report was published in a research paper. The report said that most of these apps were selfies and beauty selfies. All these apps were showing advertisements to the people without any meaning.

Apart from this, these apps were also showing malware advertisements to people. The downloading number of these apps is in crores. White Ops gave information about these apps and then ZDNet first published this report. The report states that most apps are built by the same developer’s group.

According to the research report, 21 of the 38 apps were first published on the Google Play Store in January last year. All these apps were self-filtered, but due to malware behavior, all these apps were removed from the Play Store a few days later. Within just three weeks, these apps were downloaded by more than half a million users. In September 2029, the developers published another 15 apps on the Play Store. After this, in November, two new Ephs were published, namely, Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera and Pinut Selfie Beauty Camera & Photo Editor also came on the Play Store.

Most of these apps had packers that were hidden in the app as APKs. Actually most developers are using this packer’s technology to hide the malware in their apps. Apart from this, Arabic characters are used in the app’s source code to hide their malware apps.

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