Never set this picture on the wallpaper of the phone, otherwise the phone will crash, what is the matter

If you use Android smartphone then this news is associated with you. A picture has gone viral, which you are being asked to put on the wallpaper, but you have not to do it because it will crash your Android phone.

This is a sunset wallpaper picture which is very much discussed. There is a glitch hidden in this picture due to which many Android smartphones crashed as soon as it was applied on the wallpaper.

Let me tell you that this wallpaper was clicked by scientists and amateur photographer Gaurav Aggarwal. The photo was taken in August 2019 on St. Mary’s Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.

It was posted on Flickr but what was known at the time was that it would cause a lot of smartphones to crash.

Other phones including Samsung affected

This photo shows sunset with clouds, mountains and river and people try to set it as wallpaper. After this it crashes the Android system user interface. According to reports, many other phones including Samsung were affected by this. The highest number of cases occurred in China.

Learn what the clicker said

In an interview to BBC, Gaurav Aggarwal said that I have not done anything intentionally. I am saddened by the fact that people had a lot of trouble with this. He clicked the picture with a Nikon camera and later edited it with Adobe Lightroom software.


Gaurav Aggarwal said that there might have been something wrong with the editing or exporting process of the picture, due to which its format is not supporting Android phone. It is believed that Gaurav changed the color format while editing the photo, which Android smartphones did not support.

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