After being deleted, your photos will come back, this feature coming in Android

Usually, if photos or videos are deleted from the phone, then it is difficult to bring them back. To solve this problem, Google has found a new way and has decided to give the option of Recycle Bin with Android 11. That is, if your phone is working on Android 11 in the coming time, then you will be able to bring back the deleted photos and videos.

Photos can be brought back for 30 days

Let me tell you that if your photo is deleted in the gallery on Android 11, then it will automatically reach the Recycle Bin and here these files will remain for only 30 days. After this it will disappear from here too, that is, you will be able to restore only the deleted files within 30 days.

Apart from this, these features will be available in Android 11

Google has added a lot of new features in Android 11, which will make Android even more advanced and secure. In the developer preview version of the new operating system, many new features have been added for phones with 5G to foldable display. Let us know about the other features…

Chat heads received support

After several years, the support of chat heads is now included in the Android operating system. When using Facebook through this feature, you will be able to easily access multiple conversions simultaneously with the help of chat heads.

One-time permits

In order to improve the privacy of users, there is an option to give one-time permissions to the new operating system. That is, you will be able to give location, microphone and camera access only once. Only Google-approved apps will be able to access the background location and data.

New conversion tab

This time the dedicated conversion tab has been included in the notification panel, where you will be able to see the most recent messages and from here you can also reply to the messages.

Better Sharing UI

In the new Android operating system, users will be able to pin their favorite social networking app to the top of the sharing menu.

Dark mode will be possible for scheduling

In Android 11, users will also get the option of dark mode scheduling, that is, the user will be able to decide at which time the dark mode is enabled or disabled.

Airplane mode will not affect Bluetooth

Until now Android users were not able to turn on Bluetooth after turning on Airplane mode, but in the new Android 11 users will be able to use Bluetooth even after turning on Airplane mode and using smart wearables or Audia headsets.

Smartphone touch will be even better

In the new Android 10 operating system, users will get even more touch sensitivity. That is, the user will be able to increase its accuracy before wearing gloves or in the case of using screen protector. It is believed that this feature will be effective in some situations.

In the new operating system, users will be able to mute notifications while using the camera. Apart from this, this feature will prove to be of great use even during video calls.

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