Amazing feature coming in Google Pay, will change the experience of users

Google Pay users are going to get a gift very soon. This app is being redesigned so that users can also do shopping through it. Many brands will be integrated into Google Pay app, through which people will be able to buy great products. It is likely that many offers and discounts will also be available on these products.

According to 9to5Google’s report, a one-stop portal will be made about this feature from where users will be able to shop themselves. Firstly this feature will be made available in the US.

Let us tell you that many brands and companies are integrated in Google Pay app in India. People here can not do shopping through this app right now, but they are able to do their important work like bills, ticket booking.

According to a Reuters report, Google Pay is getting more benefits than other payment apps because this app is shown more on Android than other apps.

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