Delete this dangerous mobile app, 400 million downloads have been done

The cases of defrauding smartphone users through fake and malicious apps are increasing day by day. Now a new report has come out about an app that has been downloaded by crores of people, but this app can prove to be dangerous for you, that is why it has been advised to remove it from the phone. The name of this app is , which is used as a video downloader app.

According to the report of ht TECH, after downloading, this app gets users signed up for premium service without permission. Apart from this, people also get people to click on advertisements. You will be surprised to know that in the last year more than 7 crore fraud transactions have been done through the SnapTube app and this year also 3.2 fraud transactions have been reported so far.

That is why you are advised to remove this app from the phone now. According to an Upstream report, the first quarter of this year has seen twice as many malicious Android apps as compared to previous years. In such a situation, you need to use the mobile with caution.

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