Chinese app Vigo Video will be discontinued in India, ByteDance released deadline

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has decided to shut down another short video making app, Vigo Video. Chinese app maker company is going to completely shut down the service of this app in India by 31 October 2020.

The company says that it is spending its time and energy on other projects, due to which it has been decided to shut down the service of this short video making app. ByteDance has said that millions of Vigo Video users can upload their content on TikTok by 31 October.

Vigo Video has said in its blog post that it is going to discontinue its service in India. Even before this Chinese app has shut down its service in Middle East and Brazil. In its blog post, Vigo Video has said that users can further enhance their creativity by uploading their content on TikTok. Vigo Video was launched in India in 2017 but did not gain so much popularity as compared to the company’s other short video making platform TikTok.

200 million Tiktok users in India

At the same time, only 4 million users of Vigo Video is active in India. In its blog post, Vigo Video has said that users will share information about the shutdown of this app through in-app notifications, so that they can download their user data, such as account information, contents, etc.

Permanently delete the account. According to a report released by TechCrunch recently, Vigo Video has just four million monthly active users. Whereas, Vigo Video Lite has 1.5 million monthly active users.

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