Google introduced special social distancing app, will make two meter circle around you with camera

Google has developed a great ‘social distancing’ app to protect you from coronavirus infection, which will help people maintain a distance of two meters between themselves. This Google app works on augmented reality and prepares a virtual ring around you on the camera screen.

This app has been named Sodar by Google and it has been designed to follow the social distancing guidelines and help people. Through this app, you will easily find out whether the other person is standing within the range of two meters or not and is following social distancing. In such a situation, if someone comes inside your virtual ring, then you should be alerted.

This way you can use this App

To use this app you have to go to After this, a QR code will appear in front of you, which is to be scanned from the smartphone. Currently, Google’s app is not available on the Play Store. Right now it will only work on Android devices with the help of Google Chrome browser. After scanning the QR code, you will go to the mobile site and the virtual ring will be activated automatically.

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