When this PM’s photo disappeared from Google, know the reason

Photographs of former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill suddenly disappeared from the street search results. On Sunday, when users searched Google about World War II leaders or British Prime Ministers, they found Churchill’s photo missing. Churchill’s name appeared with the rest of the leaders in the search results but his photo was missing. Users raised questions about it and tried to find out the reason for it.

Winston Churchill

A lot of users on social media raised questions about this flaw in Google search results. Users also shared screenshots of the Le Search result from their accounts, in which pictures of leaders like Adolf Hitler and Stalin are visible but Churchill’s photo is not visible. The name of Churchill is visible in the list but the photo is not visible and instead an empty space is seen in the gray shed.

Glitch is now fixed
After reporting this ‘glitch’ from many users, it has been fixed by Google, but people still want to know why it happened. Google asked a lot of questions to users and wanted to know how the picture of only one leader disappeared. Google has apologized for this error and said that it was not done intentionally. Google said that photos in such a panel are automatically updated and created.

The reason is update
It has been said by Google that Churchill’s photo may have disappeared during an update, it could happen. The search engine company wrote about it by tweeting that the name was shown due to missing during a knowledge graph update but the photo was not visible. Google said that this is an automatically generated knowledge graph and the data associated with Churchill alone was not tampered with. Google is trying to find out the reason for this further.

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