How to clean Gmail, there will be lots of free storage

All the users get 15 GB free storage from Google by creating a Gmail account. However, this storage space is available on all Google products together, that is, from Gmail to Google Drive, only 15 GB of storage is available on one account.

In such a situation, it is not known what is filling your storage, or which files can be deleted and free storage. The good thing is that the built-in Gmail feature is an easy way to detect it.

Check storage status
First of all, you have to see which storage service is using how much data you have. For this, enter URS in your browser and log in. After this, you will see the storage space used by every Google product. If Gmail has used a large part of the storage then follow the further steps.

Delete junk mail
There are a lot of emails that are of no use in your inbox from retailers, mailing lists, and other sources. The way to get free time for such junk mails is to unsubscribe. After marking such mails, you can tap on the Report Spam option.

After this, Google will automatically mark such emails as spam. Apart from this, you will see many such emails in different promotions and social tabs, which can be selected and deleted.

Delete large attachments
Attachments that come with a lot of emails also take up large storage space and should also be deleted if they are not necessary. Open Gmail on your desktop and search by typing size: 5m in the search window.

After this, you will see all the mails whose attachments are more than 5 MB. Here, you can delete the remaining non-required emails, leaving out the necessary messages. After doing this, do not forget to click the trash of the mail at the end.

Delete old emails
If your many year’s old emails have not yet been cleaned, then obviously, a lot of storage space will be used. For this, you can search by typing older_than in the search window. For example, if you want to see 1-year-old mail, search by typing older_than: 1y and you will see all the old mails. Such emails can be deleted one by one or deleted simultaneously.

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