Internet usage increased in lockdown, how much data every month use by you

Data usage has increased more during lockdown and users are using more than 11 GB of data every month. A new survey conducted in the past has revealed that about 90 percent of users have started using the Internet more than before. Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, users are using data to use content streaming, e-learning, infotainment, and social media.

The survey revealed that 61 percent of consumers have started watching streaming content more than before. The EY Digital Consumer Consumer Survey stated, “Time spent on video streaming has increased 1.2 times from 4.2 hours per week on average.” About 60 percent of the users prefer subscription-based video on demand and 20 percent opted for TV entertainment. Apart from this, most of the users watching TV liked to watch movies, shows, and news.

Broadband plans also change
Emerging Markets TMT leader Prashant Singhal at EY said, “The access and speed of real-time engagement have now reached the next level and it is time for business models to change this.

The survey covered 2,600 customers, which revealed their use of changing behavior and digital services. The survey has revealed that about 33 percent of people have switched their broadband plans to high data packs.

More video calls than before
In 40 percent of the upgrades, customers have opted for unlimited plans, which shows that the need for the internet has increased rapidly. Many basic users who till now were only using data for web browsing, chatting, and calling are now choosing expensive plans.

About 11 percent of basic data users have replaced their existing packs with packs offering 50 percent or 100 percent more data. The survey revealed that for the first time around 76 percent of users are spending more time on video calling.

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