Facebook will make American voters aware, will not remove wrong information of Trump

Facebook is going on a massive campaign to make American voters aware of voting and provide them with official information but has no intention of stopping leaders like US President Donald Trump from sharing misinformation. The US is going to have a presidential election in November this year.

The social media company is going to open a ‘Voting Information Center’ (polling information center) on Facebook and Instagram, which will provide registration information for polling, polling stations and polling through mail etc. For this information will be obtained from the State Election Commission and local election officials.

This ‘Voting Information Center’ option will be seen by people in their ‘Facebook News Feed’ from Wednesday and after a short time it will also be made available on Instagram. The company also started a similar ‘CoranaVirus Information Center’ this year to provide information related to Kovid-19. Significantly, Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are constantly criticizing Trump for not removing misinformation shared by Trump over the mail vote. Many people have even termed it as a spur of violence against the protesters.

Zuckerberg said earlier this month that ‘I know many people are offended that we did not remove the President’s post, but our position is that we should enable expression as much as possible’ unless it Does not cause specific danger. Zuckerberg reiterated this again on Tuesday in an article in USA Today.

He wrote, ‘I believe that voting is the best way to hold leaders accountable. I believe that we should believe that voters will be able to make their own decisions, ” he said, ” so I believe we should make as much effort as possible to express our platform while making ambitious efforts to promote the participation of voters. Should be open. ‘

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