Boycott China on Twitter and Chinese phones still selling in the market?

After the tension on the India and China border and the martyrdom of Indian soldiers, people all over the country are demanding to boycott Chinese products. On the one hand, people are making a lot of tweets with #BoyCottChineseProducts, on the other hand, Boycott China has not shown any effect on the sale of Chinese smartphones and electronics on Tuesday and Wednesday. During this time people have fiercely bought such devices and Chinese phones.

On this issue, senior executives of Chinese brands, eCommerce sites, and retail chains say that business has been very common these days for Chinese brands, which means no loss to companies.

Why is the sale still happening?

Chinese broads are still selling smartphones on popular e-commerce sites Flipkart and Amazon. You will be surprised to know that the cell phone of Xiaomi launched in the past was placed on and it sold out in a while, which is quite surprising. Someone in India says Boycott is buying China and someone is buying these Chinese products. In such a situation, if you want to boycott Chinese products, then their availability will have to be stopped.

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