Hackers can hear personal things in your bedroom through bulbs, research revealed

Till now people were being spied on through smart speakers, smart TVs and smartphones, but now anyone can monitor you through the bulb in the room. This has been revealed in a new research. This research has been done by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Weisman Institute of Science in Israel.

In the study, it was found that if one is talking close to a traditional bulb, a third person sitting at a distance of 25 meters can listen to his words. This method is labeled as a lampphone. In this method, the light frequency of the bulb is decoded. Until now, hackers used smart devices to listen to someone’s personal things, but now it is also possible through a simple bulb.

According to research, the lamphone captures the voice through an electro-optical sensor. The sensor is focused directly on the bulb. This is followed by the help of a telescope which acts as a voice to text. The range of listening to people through bulbs can also be increased with the help of a powerful microscope.

The electro-optical sensor analyzes the microscopic vibrations that occur on the surface of the bulb. The audio signal is then separated from the optical signal by an algorithm. The output is then transmitted via a voice-to-text application, which in turn gives the final result of the conversation.

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