Twitter launches special feature, users will tweet throught voice command

Micro-blogging site Twitter has launched a very special feature for its iOS users, called Voice Feature. Users will be able to record their voice and tweet through this feature. Also, this will save a lot of time for users. However, the company has not yet clarified how long the voice feature will be released for Android users.

Twitter’s voice feature
The company tweeted and wrote that we have currently released the voice feature for iOS users. Users can record and tweet up to 140 seconds of voice. Apart from this, a video has also been shared in this tweet, which explains how this teacher works.

This is how Twitter’s new feature works
According to the video shared by Twitter, if you also want to tweet in your voice, first tap on New Post. Here you will get the option to record audio. Tap on this option and record your voice. After doing so, tap on the Done button. After this your recorded tweet will be shared.

Search prompt launched
Twitter recently launched a separate search prompt to support and control domestic violence to provide information and updates from official sources regarding domestic violence. Now every time someone searches for some keywords related to the issue of domestic violence, a prompt will redirect it to the relevant information and help available on Twitter. It is an extension of Twitter’s #ThereIsHelp prompt, which was launched specifically to find clear, reliable information on issues important to the public.

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