Google introduced Keen to compete with Pinterest. know feature

If your mind get bored with Pinterest, then Google has made a new arrangement for you. Google has created a platform named Keen in the competition of Pinterest. Keen is largely similar to Pinterest. On Keen too, you will find content related to a particular topic like Pinterest. This platform of Google uses machine learning for content.

Generally, people have to spend a lot of time on the Internet for content related to a particular topic, but platforms like Pinterest and Kean save people time and also get the desired content.

A big difference between Pinterest and key is that in Pinterest you have to search or browse, but in Keen you have to search only once. After this Google will make you provide content with the help of machine learning. In Keen too, you will get the option to share and save content just like Pinterest.

This information has been given by Keen’s co-founder CJ Adams. He said that a team of 120 people from Google is working for Keen so that people can be given better content through machine learning.

Keen can also create their own Keen on the platform and you can also share it. Apart from this, other Keen users can also follow you. You can keep your keys private or public. The Keen platform will continuously track your searching behavior and show you related content.

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