Google removed 30 apps from Play Store, delete from phone immediately

Google has removed 30 popular Android apps from the Play Store. According to the report, due to the dangerous malware found in them, Google has deemed it right to immediately remove them from the Play Store.

If you use these apps, there is a dire=[]eed to immediately remove them from the phone. In the list of exposed apps, most users have downloaded selfie apps, but they contain malware.

Security researchers at WhiteOps have detected these apps, saying that these apps show a lot of ads in the phone and get users redirected to them without clicking the link. Not only this, but there are also many cases in which the deletion of apps is almost impossible. Today we have brought a list of these apps for you. If any of these apps are installed in your phone, delete it immediately.

Lite Beauty Camera-1 million
Solu Camera-5 Lakh
Yoriko Camera-Lakh
Beauty Collage Lite-5 Lakh
Gaty Beauty Camera-5 Lakh
Photo Collage and beauty camera-1 Lakh
Beauty and Filters camera-1 million
Pand Selife Beauty Camera-50 thousand
Cartoon Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera-1 million
Benbu Seilfe Beauty Camera-10 Lakh
Selife Beauty Camera and Photo Editor-1 Lakh
Mood Photo Editor and Selife Beauty Camera-5 Lakh
Rose Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera-1 million
Pinut Selife Beauty and Photo Editor-1 million
Fog Selife Beauty Camera-1 Lakh
First Selife Beauty Camera and Photo Editor-50 Lakh
Vanu Selife Beauty Camera-1 Lakh
Funny Sweet Beauty Camera-5 Lakh
Sun Pro Beauty Camera-10 Lakh
Little Bee Beauty Camera-1 million
Beauty Camera and Photo Editor Pro-1 million
Grass Beauty Camera-1 million
Flower Beauty Camera-1 Lakh
Ele Beauty Camera-1 million
Best Selfie Beauty Camera-1 million
Orange Camera-5 Lakh
Sunny Beauty Camera-1 million
Pro Selfie Beauty Camera-5 Lakh
Elegant Beauty Cam-2019-50 thousand
Selfie Beauty Camera Pro-10 Lakh

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