iOS name will be change in WWDC event, new iPhoneOS will be announced

WWDC 2020, the biggest event of Apple this year, is going to start from June 22 this month. The company has made public some information related to this event, stating that the WWDC 2020 event will be the biggest ever. It will bring together the Apple community of the entire world and during this time 23 million (about 20 million) people will be connected online in this event in a virtual way. This event will run from 22 June to 26 June.

It is reported that Apple is going to rename the iPhone and its tab operating system iOS. The new name of Apple’s iOS may be iPhoneOS, while the OS of iPad will be called iPadOs. Apple announces new iOS every year at WWDC but this time Apple is going to rebrand many things including its OS.

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