Who blocked your phone number, find out who did

Do you think that a particular person has blocked your phone number? If so, how will you know whether your number is blocked or not without asking that person. Today, we are telling you about some such tricks that you will know whether your phone number is blocked.

Call and watch
You cannot find out through a message whether your phone number has been blocked or not. So you have to first call and see the person whom you think they have blocked.

If so when calling
If the phone is disconnected as soon as the first ring is sounded and the message is heard saying ‘The number you dialed is busy’, then you need to doubt. However this cannot be confirmed at once.

Repeat this process
Repeat the calling process. time try to call at another time who blocked you. If every time the phone is disconnected on the first ring and the number is busy, then it is very likely that your number has been blocked.

And this is the last way
When your phone is disconnected frequently, try calling from another number that is not already near the front. If the entire call is going through that number and is not disconnected on the first call then your number is definitely blocked.

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