Video calling feature on Gmail, Google will compete with Zoom

The search engine Google has brought a special feature for its users. In order to make video conferencing easy for people, Google has integrated its video conferencing platform Google Meet directly into Gmail.

This link is being seen in some users’ devices, from which they can launch on the left sidebar in the Gmail interface. It will soon be available to all other users. It has been made available through G Suite for some users related to employees or education sector of some companies.

Let us tell you that according to the recently announced by Google, Google Meet has been kept free for all those who have Google account. It can hold meetings of up to 100 people and there is no time limit.

Let us know that after increasing subscribers to Zoom (Google), Google has accelerated (Meet) in every way, so that the zoom can be competed. The zoom video conferencing app is the most commonly used video conferencing platform, which many people doing work from home to use in the corona virus lockdown are using it for meetings.

Compared to zoom, the feature of Google Meat is that it is expected to have some privacy controls that are not available in zoom. While only one dial-in has been given to join the meeting in zoom, the meat works differently.

With Google Meet, a user must first login to Google account. If the link is not sent by the meeting host, the user will be sent to a waiting area, where he will have to wait until his request to attend the meeting has been approved.

The zoom app can get a tough competition from Google Meet. Gmail app is used by a large number of users worldwide. Now with the addition of meat shortcuts in the app, it will be much easier and safer for users to make video calls through Gmail.

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