Google introduced a new fact-checking tool, fake images and videos will be easy to identify

Search engine Google has added a new fact check marker to identify the fake image, which will appear with the image with Google search results.

Google announced that an image search tool has been started on its behalf to identify misleading photos and videos. This tool will identify and label fake photos. After searching the image on Google, a fact check label will appear below the photo, which will appear as a thumbnail under the photo.

This label will appear below the web page of the image and video. This fact check will not only do an image but also do a fact check of an article image. In a fact check, you will get complete information about the source of the image.

Let us tell you that in this era of mass internet penetration, online fraud has increased considerably. Edited images are resorted to many times to carry out this fraud. This recent step of Google has been taken in this direction.

California-based The Mountain View has been using this fact check label for several years in the main search results. In addition, it has also been used in the search results of the video streaming site YouTube.

Google said that the search results are checked more than 11 million times every day. Google’s product manager Harris Cohan said that photos and videos are an important source of information worldwide.

But now people are suffering a lot due to wrong visuals. The authenticity of the photo is being questioned regarding the image origin.

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