Telegram brings essential tools to compete Whatsapp

The instant messaging app Telegram has launched many new features in the competition of instant messenger WhatsApp. These new features include video editor, two-step verification, animated stickers, talking GIFs.

The company has introduced these features to make the video experience special. According to the claim of Telegram App Promoter Company, video can be made unique through about a dozen parameters like saturation, zoom-in option with brightness, and drawing.

After the new update, the video quality can also be adjusted. Apart from this, you will also be able to use animated stickers during photo editing. This means that you will be able to convert even a simple photo into a jiff file. There will be a chat folder in the Telegram 6.0 version, in which you will be able to move any of your chats. A popup menu will also be available for the chat folder.

Let us tell you that there is an unannounced battle between messaging app Telegram and WhatsApp for a long time. It is a different matter that the number of WhatsApp users has always been higher than Telegram, but after the increased risk of Coronavirus infection and the lockdown was declared, the number of Telegram users suddenly saw a tremendous increase.

The biggest reason for this is believed to be that all the governments of the world, including India, first started giving information related to the infection on Telegram. However, information related to the infection started being provided on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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