This feature on YouTube will improve your habit of watching videos

A new feature has come to YouTube, called Bedtime Reminder. It is known by the name that you can set a reminder on YouTube so that you do not keep watching videos for too long.

In fact, it happens that people watch their videos one by one continuously on the YouTube platform and spend their time. Much more is seen during the lockdown.

By the way, this special feature of YouTube is also beneficial for those people, who usually stay awake for a long time in the course of watching videos on YouTube.

The company has said that it has been brought under the wellness and screen time tools of YouTube. This feature will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The Bedtime Reminder feature will remind the user that you are watching videos for longer than your scheduled time. You can apply a reminder according to your wish. With this, you also get another option.

According to this, when the reminder rings according to your schedule, you can either skip it or you can stop the video at the same time.

This feature of YouTube has been launched on both Android and IOS forums and it will be available to people all over the world on their phones in the coming few days.

Through this feature, users can enjoy YouTube videos by setting a duration of 15, 30, 60, 90, 180 minutes. You can set when videos stop playing by going into settings. Here you will be able to set start and end time.

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