Google’s new update, change Gmail’s interface as you wish

Google is bringing a much-awaited update to its email service Gmail. This new update will be rolled out soon. After this bubble, a new Quick Settings menu will be added to your Gmail. Through this feature, you will be able to customize your email inbox in a very easy way.

As you know, earlier the inbox theme could not be customized, but after the update, you will not only be able to customize it but you can easily change its settings as well. It is also being told that after this update, facilities like G Suite will also be given in it. In addition, users can also get the facility of personal account.

By using this feature, you will be able to create a new dialog box in your Gmail under the information reached to us through Google’s blog post. In this, you will get different types of interfaces, inbox types and display options.

Now you will be able to change the interface according to your mind. According to your mind, you will be able to change the inbox type and choose the play option according to your choice. It has also been told in the blog that after this update, users will be able to see the preview in real time.

Another good thing is that even after the new option comes, the traditional full settings menu will be available to users. For this, users have to click or tap on the See all settings option.

In these new inbox settings, users will now be able to designate how much text and information will appear in their inbox. Users will be able to choose different types of inboxes of their choice. Apart from this, users will also be able to add a reading pen as per their choice.

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