Apple introduced new watchOS 7 operating system for its smartwatch

Tech company Apple (Apple) introduced the watchOS 7 operating system in addition to iOS 14 at the World Wide Developers Conference. Smartwatch users will get new health-related features in the Apple Watch OS 7 operating system.

Apart from this, features like watch face management, workout, and sleep tracking have also been provided in this latest operating system. At the same time, the company says that Apple Watch OS 7 will improve the experience of users.

WatchOS 7 operating system features
Apple has given many features in the Watch OS 7 operating system, which will be very useful for users. Users will be able to do many things through one app. With this, users will be able to download the watch face from different sites or messages.

Apart from this, users will get the sleep tracking feature in this latest operating system, which will give users important information related to sleep.

WatchOS 7 will get dance and core training features
Let us know that the company has added workout features like dance and core training in this version, through which users will be able to keep themselves fit. Apart from this, the noise level has also been updated for better sound.

Handwashing feature
Keeping in mind the increasing outbreak of Corona infection, the company has added this special feature to its latest operating system. This feature gives users notifications for 20 seconds to wash hands. If users stop washing hands before 20 seconds, this feature prompts them to wash hands.

iPadOS 14 operating system
Let us know that the company has also introduced the new operating system iPadOS 14 for iPad users at the World Wide Developers Conference 2020 event. Users have got the latest features in this new operating system. Apart from this, many other functions including calls, apple pencil and toolbars have been redesigned in this latest version.

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